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George Woodworth WINS his latest MURDER TRIAL. This winning battle was a three-Defendant, 4 week Trial in Compton Superior. Client was alleged to be the driver of the car in a drive-by murder, who was aiding and abetting the local gangmembers in intimidating and killing their enemies. Client was facing “LIFE IN PRISON.” The Jury found him NOT GUILTY on all Counts, and he was let out of jail that same day!!


In a previous case, George won the Santa Monica Pier Murder case. Our client had allegedly stabbed a gang member to death in front of 7 witnesses, including an off-duty Homicide Detective. The case had extensive testimony as to “CSI” type DNA evidence, and blood residue. Our client was facing 60 years to LIFE in prison, and was found NOT GUILTY on all Counts.

3 Strikes TRIAL

In a “3 Strikes” Trial in Norwalk Superior, George made a complex Motion to the Judge to “Strike the Prior Strike” (erase the conviction from the case) and SAVED his client from being sentenced to term of “25 Years to LIFE.” Our client then told Attorney Woodworth that he knew that George had saved his life!


Client was suspected in a string of robberies, and was charged with three Counts–Armed Robbery, one Count of Carjacking and was facing at least 17 years in Prison. He had been positively indentified in a “mug show-up” by two of alleged victims. Attorney Woodworth took over the case from the Public Defender, and got the facts, & an immediate “line-up” and got the case DISMISSED at the Court’s Preliminary Hearing.


Our Client was charged with two Counts of ADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon), using hands, fists, and a metal pipe, & with causing GBI (Great Bodily Injury) on two of three alleged victims. Client was apparently pointed out, by some of the “victims” & convinced the police that he was the one, and that they had “identified” him. Attorney Woodworth argued the matter with the D.A. for two weeks. The case was DISMISSED.

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L.A. Felony Lawyer George W. Woodworth has been Practicing Criminal Defense Law in Southern California for more than 30 years. His law practice now emphasizes the defense of Major Felonies, such as, Murder, Robbery, Arson, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Grand Theft, Fraud, Forgery, “Three Strikes” cases, Manslaughter, Gun and Gang cases, but can handle the misdemeanor DUI and Drug cases as well. Knowledge is Power and we will share our knowledge with you when your very freedom is at stake.
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