Rape Charges

Los Angeles Rape Charges and Sex Crimes Defense

A conviction on sex charges will carry life-long consequences such as a life sentence and sex crime registration. Therefore it is in your best interest to get the best criminal defense attorney and defend the charges against you by the most aggressive and experienced sex crimes attorney you can find.

Unfortunately, when people are accused of rape, everyone in their network including friends, co-workers, and even close family members will –at some level– assume you are probably guilty. It is simply a part of the stigma of the powerful and emotion-illiciting charges. Los Angeles Rape Defense Attorney Georgeery Woodworth believes that you are entitled to an effective defense to clear your name. Attorney Woodworth believes in preparing to aggressively defend you to protect your good name and to keep you out of jail or state prison. Rape charges will absolutely threaten your freedom and your reputation. Sex Crimes Lawyer Woodworth will first seed to have the charges dismissed or reduced to a downgraded charge, and if that is not possible will vigorously prepare to take your case to trial.

Rape Charge Defense in Los Angeles

When Rape charges are filed in Los Angeles, CA under Penal Code section 261, the Los Angeles District Attorney is alleging that the party charged (the Defendant) engaged in unwanted or forced Sexual Intercourse with a person, regardless of the sex of either the defendant or the “victim” and involved one or more of the following circumstances:

  • The Prosecutors believe that alleged victim was raped by force or threats by the defendant.
  • The Prosecutors believe that alleged victim was raped while they were unconscious or sleeping.
  • The Prosecutors believe that the alleged sex crime was committed by fraud or the that the victim was unaware that the sex crime was even occurring.
  • The Prosecutors believe that the alleged sex crime was committed by a healthcare professional and the victim wrongly believed that the sex crime was part of a medical procedure when it was a ruse.

Defending Charges in Los Angeles

A good rape charge defense requires a skilled and experienced criminal law attorney who is expert in rape and sex crimes defense. By reviewing your particular Los Angeles Rape charges and discussing your options and concerns with you, Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyer, George W. Woodworth can begin providing you with the expert legal representation that you need so you can effectively fight these serious criminal charges. Please call Rape Charge Defense Attorney George W. Woodworth as soon as possible for a free consultation and to find out how we can be of help.