DUI Court Program in Los Angeles

Los Angeles County California DUI Court Program Lawyer

You May be Eligible of a Jail-Free Alternative Sentencing Program

In Los Angeles County, California there are many sentencing options and sentencing alternatives to serving jail time for repeated DUI offenses. The Los Angeles County DUI Court Program is supervised by the courts and is for DUI offenders who have no history of violence, no history of gang activity and no history of selling drugs in their past.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring is used by the courts as an alternative sentence to jail time BUT is often not approved by many judges because it is viewed as not sufficient punishment.

The newest program SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) uses a secured ankle bracelet with a sensor to detect the presence of alcohol being used by the person wearing it. This experimental program is being used by an increasing number of courts in Los Angeles and is getting good reviews. Because of financial issues and jail over-crowding, SCRAM, is growing in popularity among judges to punish, supervise non violent offenders.