Juvenile Defense In Los Angeles

Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer

Children charged with juvenile crimes often do not understand the repercussion of their actions or the long term consequences that result from having a criminal record. Therefore, juvenile crimes must be dealt with by an experienced criminal defense attorney working closely with the family to protect the child and their interests. At the Law Office of George W. Woodworth, located in Los Angeles California we adopt this approach in order to ensure comprehensive counsel to minors and their families who are dealing with juvenile crime charges.

Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Attorney George W. Woodworth is here to help families through this difficult time using his knowledge of juvenile law, his trial experience and his extensive understanding of criminal law.

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The Law Office of George W. Woodworth helps families with all types of juvenile crimes such as:

Attorney Woodworth’s approach to handling juvenile crimes is work with the minor closely along with their parent’s to develop a strategy to keep the case out of juvenile court. We will work hard to find an acceptable alternative resolution rather than filing a criminal petition in juvenile court that the prosecutor assigned to the case will accept.

Our goal will be to find a solution that is in the best interest of our client that will preserve their clean juvenile record such as a rehabilitation program, community service or enrollment in a diversion program.

Our mission is avoid any mark on our client’s record or any step in juvenile adjudication that will adversely affect our client’s lives in the future, including seeking employment, applying for housing or credit, and applications to college in the future. Our criminal defense lawyer will ensure the juvenile record is sealed to prevent problems later.