Shoplifting can Escalate to Robbery!

When Simple Shoplifting becomes ROBBERY

There are many cases where the act of simple shoplifting turns sour. If you have had the unfortunate experience of having a shoplifting incident mushroom into a robbery: you are facing a very serious FELONY. The fine line between simple shoplifting and a robbery is crossed if a shoplifting suspect resists apprehension for shoplifting. Crossing over from a misdemeanor shoplifting charge to a felony robbery charge can happen as easily as colliding with a store employee or security officer as you attempt to run out the door of the store – or as you are attempting to flee a store with merchandise and bump into a store employee. The obvious problem with such a situation as a robbery offense is that instead of the minor misdemeanor theft, you are now charged with a serious felony. If your shoplifting charge was enhanced to a robbery charge you absolutely should retain the services of an experienced Shoplifting Defense Attorney.

“Bump” into An Employee While Running Away: Felony!

Robbery is typically defined as the use or threat of force, or the infliction of bodily injury, in the course of committing or fleeing a theft. Almost always, whenever a collision or any force is used in the commission of a theft, or in attempting to escape apprehension for shoplifting, California district attorneys frequently charge you with robbery. This enhancement is a BIG deal and you should treat it as such. A physical encounter between any store employees, including security officers, and a shoplifting suspect causes the DA’s office and the prosecutors to significantly ratchet up their prosecution against you. You need an experienced attorney to defend your rights – the sooner the better.

Florida Shoplifting Enhanced to Robbery and Prison Time

If you or a loved one has been charged with both shoplifting and the enhancement of robbery, you definitely require the assistance of a qualified and compassionate lawyer. Consider sharing your story with me, a local Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Lawyer, George W. Woodworth. Call me personally.