Outstanding Warrants

You Absolutely Must Not Ignore an Outstanding Warrant

Arrest and Bench Warrants

An outstanding warrant is a very serious matter that must be resolved immediately. Outstanding arrest and bench warrants do not simply disappear because a couple of years have passed since you last worried about it. The last thing you want is to disrupt your personal life or have your career destroyed because you failed to resolve this matter. You dealing with it quietly and smartly, is FAR better that the system DEALING with you on their terms! Like the dealer in Las Vegas – the “house” WINS because the house has patience and power. Don’t get caught or surprised – fix it. Now. With my help, it will be as painless as possible. You’ll wonder why you didn’t deal with this long ago.

Again, if you suspect or KNOW that you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it is extremely important that you contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately. You will be “found out” at the worst possible time. We hear it all the time. Pulled over for “rolling a stop sign” while taking your child to school and the next thing you know you are in jail – and not just for a few hours. If you are avoiding dealing with a warrant pack an overnight bag and keep it in your trunk…

Even a “silly little warrant” for unpaid traffic tickets can result in major consequences. You could be arrested on the job, seriously jeopardizing your employment. Or worse, the police could come for you at home, placing you into custody in front of your kids. Your best option is ALWAYS to meet this head-on with the help of an experienced attorney. When done properly, with some legal help, it can most often be painless: don’t put it off.

Removing Outstanding Arrest Warrants

If you wait to deal with an outstanding arrest warrant after the police have you in handcuffs, your options are ZERO. – “They got you…” There is time to do this the right way – but ONLY if you choose to deal with it. The next time you try to renew your driver’s license or your next traffic stop (we all get pulled over now and then) – will almost alwyas result in jail time. Cops, Courts and Judges are pretty “pissed off” about folks walking around with outstanding warrants and they love to make an example of you for other motorists, folks in their courtroom who might be there on other business. Don’t sit back and wait to find out for yourself. We take care of outstanding warrants for clients all the time! No need to be embarrassed – we are fast at getting a warrant dealt with before it bites you and the costs are still minimal.

Think of the relief you will feel when you no longer have an outstanding arrest warrant hanging over your head. Attorney Woodworth will make all the arrangements with the courts to schedule a surrender date – which may be nothing more than an appearance in court and off you go. Doing in in an adult fashion will impress the court, preventing the embarrassment of a public arrest and, of course, we will work to negotiate terms that will keep you out of jail and will place the initial matter back on the calendar so you have a chance to handle it the right way.

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