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In Los Angeles County, California, crimes committed at schools are prosecuted the same as crimes not committed on school grounds from a legal standpoint. School crimes carry with them the possibility of additional penalties such as suspension or expulsion. Many times with school crimes the prosecution may be more aggressive and seek harsher penalties for crimes involving physical injuries to either a teacher or fellow student.

School Crimes Attorney In Los Angeles, California

If your child has been arrested for committing a crime at school in Los Angeles County please call Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer George W. Woodworth at (562) 754-7422.  Mr. Woodworth has extensive experience handling juvenile defense matters throughout all of Los Angeles County.

School Crimes Committed In Los Angeles, California

Many types of school crimes can be committed in Los Angeles County. Common school crimes are:

  • Vandalism
  • Drug Crimes
  • Theft
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Alcohol Related Crimes
  • Sex Offenses
  • Assault

How a Los Angeles School Crime Lawyer Can Help

As a juvenile, even a Juvenile Court adjudication of delinquency can have an effect on their entire life. If you are convicted of a school crime their future can be jeopardized on many levels. There is much more at stake with a school crime conviction as it can impact other areas of your child’s life. A criminal record can prevent your child from getting into college, getting into the military and perhaps becoming employed after high school.

Also, with crimes committed on school grounds there is the risk of expulsion which will further impact your child’s future. Retaining an experienced and tenacious California School Crime Attorney will ensure that your child’s rights and reputation are protected. They will also determine whether or not the school officials, the school board and police followed proper procedure and that any searches of lockers, backpacks, purses, etc were justified. A qualified Los Angeles, CA School Crime Lawyer will make sure that your child’s rights were not violated.

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Please call Los Angeles County Juvenile Defense Lawyer George W. Woodworth at (562) 754-7422 regarding your child’s case.  Mr. Woodworth is keenly aware of the ramifications a criminal conviction will have on your child’s future. Mr. Woodworth will do everything within his power to effectively represent and protect you, your family and your child.

Mr. Woodworth competently and aggressively defend students accused of crimes committed on school property for all Los Angeles County California charter schools, public schools and within all Los Angeles County school districts.