Subsequent DUI Offenses

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If you have already been convicted or pled guilty to a DUI in California and have been charged with another the penalties are much more severe. A 2nd or 3rd DUI in California carries with it heavier repercussions such as extended loss of license, increased fines and possibly a lengthy jail sentence. In a situation like this it is best not to face the legal system alone. In Southern California there are options you may have in the event of multiple DUI charges. It may make sense to contact an experienced California Multiple Offense Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer regarding your rights.

Los Angeles CA Multiple DUI Defense Attorney

The Law Office of George W. Woodworth, located in Los Angeles, California has experience handling Criminal Defense & Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Defense cases in Southern California. If you have been charged with a second or third DUI in California contact The Law Office of George W. Woodworth at (562) 754-7422.

Multiple Offense DUI’s in California

Under new California law a second DUI conviction within 10 years carries invokes much more severe penalties than in years past prior to the change in the law. Minimum sentences may vary on a case by case basis but are for the most part relatively consistent throughout all California courts. Regardless, having a skilled, experienced and highly qualified Southern California DUI lawyer on your side can help you to obtain the most favorable outcome from a legal standpoint. In addition, a knowledgeable California DWI Attorney can explain some of your sentencing options to you. Some common subsequent offense DUI penalties & options are itemized below.

Common 2nd Offense DUI Penalties

  • Up to 6 months incarceration
  • Increased fines & court costs
  • 18 month SB-38 program
  • Up to 5 years formal and/or informal probation
  • Mandatory Ignition Interlock Device installed in car
  • 1-2 year mandatory license suspension Points on driving record

Possible Multiple Offense DUI Sentencing Options

  • SCRAM Program
  • Home Confinement/House Arrest
  • Privatized Jail
  • Prop 36 Program
  • DUI Court Program

Contact A Skilled California DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with multiple driving under the influences in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California, contact The Law Office George W. Woodworth at (562) 754-7422. Mr. Woodworth’s office is located in Los Angeles, California. Call him today regarding protecting your rights and driving privileges. Mr. Woodworth will fight relentlessly for your rights to ensure your rights are protected and your dignity is maintained. Los Angeles California DUI Defense Lawyer George W. Woodworth proudly serves all of Los Angeles County, California.