Testimonials from L.A. Felony Lawyer George W. Woodworth’s Clients

If there is a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer who can get you out of Legal trouble in L.A., it’s L.A. Felony Lawyer George W. Woodworth. He’s not only a great criminal defense lawyer, but also an awesome guy. Mr. Woodworth is compassionate, understanding and keeps his word to his clients.

“George, I got lucky! I found you!! Seriously, being charged with Vehicular Manslaughter was traumatic and scary. The stress was enormous. Thanks for being there for me, and for us.”

–Greg J.
Torrance, CA

“George you were right on – experience does pay. You were worth every penny. Thanks so much for getting us through the trial over the fraudulent embezzlement charges.”

–James and Vicky W.
Westwood, CA

“Thank you George. You saved me. I was not guilty and you believed in me and got the jury to agree with use. The prosecutor was relentless but you save me from him. Dang. Never again in this lifetime – Please! Wanted to tell you that our lives are back on course. Those were dark days when no one else said I’d have a chance.”

–Wayne T.,
Santa Monica, CA

“Georgerey, I cannot thank you enough – the charges were severe – facing 15 years in State prison but you got the whole mess dismissed! Amazing. I’m forever grateful.”

–Burt S., CEO,
Hollywood, CA

“Mr. Woodworth as you know our company was faced with criminal fraud charges – who knew a business situation could grow to be considered “criminal” – yikes! After we engaged your services, you were able to bring these matters to a swift conclusion, saving us countless dollars in the process.”

–George C., President,
Burbank, CA

“I am so glad I hired you. I cannot think of a criminal defense lawyer –not that I know all that many. Not a day in jail, and only a short term of probation for a stupid impulse that could have wrecked my whole future. God bless.”

–Cathy H.,
Long Beach, CA

“You came highly recommended and I can see why. Thank you for all you did for us. I am glad the ordeal is finally over.”

–Nick R.,
Huntington Beach, CA

“George, I was very nervous about the aggravated assault charges and you calmed me down. You took a potentially dangerous situation and made it seem easy and actually go away… I enjoyed our office meetings and working with your staff. I will never forget you and I will never hesitate to use you in the future – if I find myself in such an awful situation.”

–Raul F.,
Pacific Palisades, CA